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5 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog This Summer

Dog Playing Fetch With Toy Outdoors


Keeping your dog engaged no matter the season is critical to its wellness. In addition to nurturing a friendly and joyful demeanor in your pup, engaging activities will stimulate their minds, helping prevent or slow down memory and mental health issues as they age. Dogs who play regularly with their owners are less likely to develop anxiety, depression, aggression, and sleep problems.


So, when the sun is sparkling brilliantly overhead, take advantage of the season and have a fun recess break with your furry pal!


Want some fun suggestions? We have created a list of five different games you can have a go at playing with your dog this Summer.


Agility Course With Dog

1: Agility Course

Why not form an agility course on your patio? Ninja-Puppy Style!

It can be simple enough for yourself and your dog to have a great time playing! 

An agility course can incorporate posts for your dog to get around, passages to go through, standing shafts to wind around, and lots more if you wish! Since it might be warm out, have a go at including some water! If you have a pool, add swimming to the course. Get innovative and have a great time getting your dog going.



Dog swimming

2: Water Games

Swimming is a fun must-do summer activity for dogs and individuals alike! 

Whether you go to a lake, a dog park with a waterway, or a pool that permits dogs, you can allow your dog to swim to promote great exercise and mental stimulation. If your dog has never been out swimming, start slow and shallow. A fun way to get your dogs to swim incorporates plunging for toys. Begin by utilizing a child pool with shallow water and tossing toys that will sink to the base. Your dog might find this intriguing and will likely stick its face in the water to recover it. Assuming they do well with the first tries in water, try sinking the toys into somewhat deeper water and have your dog plunge to recover them. Make sure to always stay alert and present while around deep water!


Tug of war with pet

3: Tug of War

A traditional game you can play with your dog! Switch things around by getting them a new toy to pull on. Rope toys are great for pulling. Move around with them and rotate your stance while you play. Do you notice any strategies your dog uses while they play with you?


Doga- Dog Yoga

4: Doga (dog yoga)

I present to you, Doga, it’s yoga but with your dog! It's more fun doing yoga with your dog than it is alone. Yes, this one may take some time to master with your dog, but it’s possible with some practice. Not only will you be investing your time into teaching your dog a few new tricks (mental stimulation for your dog), but you will also benefit from the results. Yoga allows you to focus on your breathing and assists you with unwinding and relaxing. Remember, your dog can detect your mood, which may also affect him or her. After doga, everyone will be calm, relaxed, and happy...sounds great right?


Frisbee and Fetch Water Games with your puppy best friend

5: Frisbee and Fetch

Take your dog's normal game of fetch up a notch by playing in the water, ocean-side, or by the lake. A fun wet lawn will do the trick if you don't live near water! You can try having the lawn sprinkler on while you throw your pet a fun toy to catch. This is a super fun and exciting way for your dog to get in exercise and playtime. It’s likely to be just as fun for them as it was for you when you were a young kid playing and running through the sprinklers!


Go on now, the days are long and warm; your dog is ready for summer fun!


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